There are many brands of cat food in the world, despite all good, but there is always the best of the best. Here are 5 brand cat food can we recommend for cat lovers.

1. Royal Canin

Royal Canin

Royal Canin brand cat food

This cat food has a high reputation and is recommended by many veterinarians because the brand is believed to be able to keep cats from hair loss especially Angora cat or a simple Persian cat fur loss due.
We use this brand experience for home cat manifold local cults; fur becomes more smooth and dense fur and certainly not easily falls out.
But keep in mind that Royal Canin There are several variants again, nothing special Angora, Persian and domestic cat or local, in terms of the price of course, there is no quality because the price we cannot to bear it all the time at the employer cat.

2. Pro Plan

Pro Plan

Pro Plan brand cat food

This cat food is highly recommended by the vet to fatten skinny cat really, the price is also quite expensive but no more expensive than Royal Canin.
We also advocate for the reader who has thin and hard fat cats I suggest wearing this brand because I already proved it within 2 weeks of my cats add approximately 1 kg less.




3. Friskies


Frieskies brand cat food

Well, enough cat food is nutritionally balanced, but still there is little controversy of ingredients is incorporated into this product because there are certain ingredients that may not fit in some cats.
Cats’ home never used this product but are not suitable for because stools always mushy, but look for alternatives to try this type of Salmon Hairball Management
The new fit at our cat because stools not too soft and not too hard too. Until now we still use this product because the price is economical.


4. Whiskas


Whiskas brand cat food

Many cat foods do say this one is similar to Friskies, but much pain there are cat lovers do not fit with this product, we’ve tried to also make house cat and the cat pooped result becomes watery and pungent smell.
If Whiskas is smaller than that Friskies cat who is having problems with digestion can directly ingest besides excess Whiskas is more humid than the somewhat dry Friskies.





5. Me-O


Me-O brand cat food

The brand is also equally implies similar to Whiskas and Friskies, we’ve also tried this brand but our cat food allergies indicate this because after a few days of our cats more often scratching.
Actually, there is a lot of brand new there, but we try to only five this brand. Conclusio


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