Scratching post or better known as cat nails rake is a tool to help sharpen cat nails. Cat scratching post is indispensable available in cages. Cats sometimes clawed nails into a wooden trunk and maybe the couch if the cat is released in the house. But you do not want it if all your home furniture trace cat scratches, it should provide a scratching post usual place visited as in the corner of the room or can be tied to the cage in order to facilitate the cat to sharpen his nails, and of course for your home furnishings not be a for cat sharpens claws.

Cat scratching post cat is in need of sharpening sharpness is one of the nails and territorial behavior, which marks the area where he lives. To mark the area where live cats, cats need some way besides them with piss and scratching her nails in the paint scratching post. Scratching posts can be provided in the corner near the entrance of the cage or enclosure. Materials that can be used to shape wood beams, a sack, paper or cardboard are formed. You can create a cat scratching post your own or buy it. To make a cat scratching post their own material that need only wood, beams, burlap or paper cardboard, you can make it with various forms of the course allows the cat to use it. Here is an example image scratching post.

But there are times when cats get bored with the scratching post. Probably scratching post is damaged or is no longer in use by the cozy cat, if it’s like that then you need to replace it with a new one, or you are biased coating again with new jute sacks, but of course with clean first so that the cat feel comfortable and want to use scratching post again.

Once you understand about scratching post, surely now you’re not worried anymore with your home furnishings. You do not need to be afraid anymore of your cat scratching nails on the couch, carpet, logs and other furniture.

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